An All-Inclusive Approach To Learning

Helping your child to negotiate and share ideas for learning opportunities is one of the most rewarding things you as a parent can experience. When working effectively together you will come up with new approaches to learning, formulate ideas and new ways of thinking giving you both a sense of purpose and joy. 
Including your child in the decision-making process for learning is powerful and bonding.  It all starts with freedom to speak, to be heard and to be responsible for their own success. 
This is a perfect platform for your child to develop resilience, respect, independence, creativity, and self-reliance which will build confidence in self and provide a buffer to external criticism.
If this is what you want for your child, we recommend you start with a more traditional approach and slowly release control over to your child as you see their capabilities grow for self-directed learning. 

$200 a month

What you can expect from us


  • A New Zealand Registered Teacher

  • We provide access to the entire platform with 1000's of lesson plans in the key curriculum areas

  • All lessons are supported by audio and video

  • Resources for each subject 

  • Learning objectives from the New Zealand Curriculum 

  • Learning goals (learning intentions and success criteria)

  • We support you with tracking, marking and reporting

  • We support you with possible next learning steps

  • We support you with face-to-face meetings with either parent or child (or both).

  • Periodic emails inviting you to join a professional development webinar that will support your understanding of the platform and enable you to expand possibilities for your child's learning


What we expect from the parent

  • The parent creates the plans for the child in the key curriculum areas

  • The parent creates plans that follow the child's personal interests

  • The parents provide the structure in the home or learning environment for consistent engagement in the learning journey

  • The parent remains in touch with what is happening in the platform and has the opportunity to engage with their child's learning journey

  • The parent accesses the website from Netsafe - Staying Safe Online Guide 

  • The parent accesses and reads the Netsafe - Online Safety Parent Toolkit

  • The child signs the - Student User Agreement