Prescribed Curriculum

Intellectual curiosity is at the heart of all our decisions when crafting a learning path for your child.  We believe in the power of creativity to lead your child to become a critical thinker and a problem solver.  We will support your child to reflect on their own learning, draw on personal knowledge and intuitions, ask questions and challenge themselves to think outside the box. 
In most schools, our children's learning opportunities are directed by a teacher.  Here we do the same, we expect the parent or learning coach to have an understanding of the needs, personal interests, strengths and weaknesses of their learner and then create activities and a learning course based on the knowledge of their child's needs. 
Teacher and Student
The learning outcomes and goals are set by the learning coach or parent and a clear path for progress are established.  This is a good place to start if you think your child is not ready to forge their own learning path.


$300 a month



What you can expect from us


  • New Zealand Registered Teachers

  • Professionally delivered plans in the key curriculum areas

  • Personalised plans focused on your child's interests

  • A monthly online face-to-face meeting

  • Weekly online support and daily checks for messages and notifications from the student

  • Planning, marking and reporting

  • Professional Development that helps you to understand the platform with the option of releasing control over to the parent and child.

    As we release control over to the parent and child the pricing is reduced accordingly. 
    You can view these options here by following this link.


What we expect from the parent


  • The parents provide the structure in the home or learning environment for consistent engagement in the learning journey

  • The parent remains in touch with what is happening in the platform and has the opportunity to engage with their child's learning journey

  • The parent accesses the website from Netsafe - Staying Safe Online Guide


  • The parent accesses and reads the Netsafe - Online Safety Parent Toolkit

  • The child signs the - Student User Agreement (we will send this information to you)​