Subjects and Learning Paths


Wonder provides a starting point for a learning path that naturally leads to other core subjects or it can be a stand-alone learning path. 

The Wonder Journey can be set up within minutes and provides a framework to support your child's thinking and leads them to a place where they can confidently express and explore personal interests. 


We approach writing as a tool for expressing ideas and communicating to the world. The ideal situation for any writer is that they have a framework to work with which enables them to communicate their learning rather than a specific lesson about a text type that has little connection or meaning.  We ask the child, "If you were to communicate your learning to the world do you think an autobiography, a speech, a narrative, blog, or journal would help you the most?  The Wonder project is a fantastic way to build prior knowledge before they start expanding their writing skills. 

Social Science

Our hope is that when this Platform is explored the rich learning opportunity will lead your child to go beyond the surface, enable your child to develop personal views and explore the relationship that exists between people and the environment    The Social Science framework uses the New Zealand Curriculum as its foundation for learning. Social Science provides the perfect background content/context for any writing activity, technology unit, Science, etc.


The New Zealand Curriculum provides the structure for this learning.  However, rather than the Curriculum directing what is to be learned, it is up to you and your child to find what you want to explore and decide on specific scientific ideas and knowledge within the curriculum. 

My Creative Space

This is an area that gives your child freedom to develop new knowledge, express ideas, build resilience and exercise life skills with a particular focus on the New Zealand Key Competencies.​

My Math Project

This math project is a process and will involve a lot more than simply 'completing math tasks'. It involves investigation, deep engagement in its content, questioning, finding and evaluating sources of information, posing new questions and applying what has been learned to the solution of a problem or creation of a product. 

We also provide two other platforms for math with a more traditional approach to learning.

We take your child through diverse ways of thinking about technology and lead them to develop ideas, solve problems, present their learning and use technology as a platform for critical thinking.

Technology is a way of developing the intellect of your child and strengthening their ability to think in practical ways to solve a problem found within a family, community, or globally. Innovation and adaptability are at the heart of this learning opportunity.

We provide an opportunity for your child to explore ways of improving their reading skills through a serries of activities and a platform to record progress. 
My Choice
My Choice is open to you and your child to explore whatever you want. 
We provide the structure to add resources, organise groups, chat, set learning goals, track progress, provide feedback, publish and enjoy the freedom of being truly authentic throughout the learning journey. 

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