Your Tutor

Being homeschooled and 25 years in the classroom, I've developed a keen desire to give our children a voice and help them experience the natural flow of learning. I understand the importance of providing children and parents with flexible structures that enable them to explore creativity, authenticity, and find meaning in the learning journey. 

Tala is an outstanding tutor and shows excellent leadership with her students, she relates exceptionally well with parents and understands the 'big-picture'.  She is a good listener enabling her to craft her tutoring to meet the individual needs of each family and direct the child's learning outcomes. 



Bill Stephens

Tala has worked as a teacher and turor for over 25 years. She is a natural communicator and both students and parents love her. She is conscientious about her preparation and generous in her giving of time and energy.  She is highly productive and appreciated by those she tutors.  I have no hesitation in recommending Tala to you. 

Jackie Principal

Tala's work has always been of the highest quality and she is very dedicated, loyal and confident in her work. She often goes beyond the call of duty and is tireless in giving up her own time to ensure you and your child gets the best outcome.  Tala is respectful and excelled in communicating with her students and parents at home. Her work is always carried out with attention and detail.

Gordon Principal

Tala provides an environment of respect and understanding.  There are very high standards which encourage and value learning. She is a keen observer  able to identify the individual needs of your children and can expand their learning experience around their personal interests.  She has a strong understanding of the national curriculum and can easily identify next steps.